"I eat sleep and breathe hair & makeup!"

Nadeen is a Parisian of Congolese origin with a talent as a goldsmith, whose art is expressed through hairdressing and makeup. Drawing inspiration from her dual culture, and particularly from her Grandmother who taught her the art of hairdressing from the age of 8, she pays homage to her with each new creation. Today, she has constructed cuts like many improbable scaffoldings - aerial crowns, hair necklaces, spider-like adornments, a braided map of Africa - relying on emblematic materials such as Raffia or cowries shells. Thanks to her unfailing passion, she takes on challenges and quickly becomes a reference in the artistic community.

IDENTITY STATEMENT: Today, she produces hair style collections every year. The most notable pays tribute to the queens of Africa: Nandi, queen of Zululand, Kimpavitá, queen of Kong, Ndaté Yalla Mbooj, last of Waalo.

"Accepting your natural hair is also accepting yourself as a woman. We must not forget that we are Queens."

~ Nadeen Mateky